The scale of available health data is increasing rapidly and as the age of Big Data is established, we will be holding the first conference on“Big Data for Pharmacovigilance”. Join us to hear how Big Data is revolutionising Pharmacovigilance from a panel of international experts from medicines regulators, industry and academia.

Pharmacovigilance is increasingly characterised by extremely large data sets from populations, individuals, disease registries, social media, pharmacogenomics and more. While big data can be messy, efforts are underway to establish strategies for ordering and structuring the data in order to put it to the best use in pharmacovigilance and ultimately public health. We will consider how best to link these large data sets and identify data clusters, the challenges and rewards of such large scale data analysis, ways to protect data security and patient confidentiality, and many other pertinent issues.

View the programme here.

Source: DSRU.

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